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Storytelling as Sense-Making at TU
Delft's Multi-Actor Systems Department

Making Myths

A record of my work with TU Delft's Multi-Actor Systems department exploring storytelling as a tool for sense-making. Over the next few weeks I will populate this page with the stories of my experiences.

This collection of work is separated into two parts: Process and Outcome. I always think it's good to split our work this way, it helps me to see exactly what I had control over and what may not have been my direct choice on the project.

This page is for the TU Delft team, a place where all of our work will live on safely and openly, though anyone who is interested in storytelling or would like to learn more about what I do, you've come to the right place!


A series of podcasts chronicling the development of my work and how I've went about all of this work. Each podcast covers a different aspect of my work, acting as both a lecture series and a spoken-word history of the things that have happened.

Episode 1
Legends of Solotvyno
00:00 / 09:42
Episode 2
Two Stories, Different Endings
00:00 / 04:41

An introduction to my work with the ImProDiReT team.

Eastern versus Western storytelling.

Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Finding Participatory Narrative Inquiry
00:00 / 10:39
00:00 / 09:56
MM - Interview Data
00:00 / 22:33
00:00 / 21:03

The what and how of storytelling.

Talking to people.

Processing interview data.

A reflection on the workshop experiences.


Two short films, half a dozen articles, almost 20 interviews and reports, data, insight and plenty of stories along the way. Here are some of the best outcomes of my time as a researcher at TU Delft.

ImProDiReT - Storytelling in Practice

Early in 2020 I traveled with the ImProDiReT project team to western Ukraine to help tell the story of the project's impact on the local community.

Making Myths Writing Workshop

An experiment in participatory sense-making through storytelling.

An audio version of the workshop, one you can follow-along to as you like.

00:00 / 1:04:31

The presentation used for the workshop.

The workshop worksheets.

Anchor 1

Unfortunately, this process doesn't port as well to other formats, the whiteboard is essential for this work. But I've still got all the details and a report here on my work with the PVE team.

The very-short presentation from this workshop.

In the weekend's I don't really like to do interviews for my daily podcast
Through the Screen, so instead I just tell a story. Here are some the best.

00:00 / 06:13
The Peasant and The Plague
00:00 / 09:31
Eostre's Bunny
00:00 / 05:21
the Sheep, the Wolf, and the Fox
00:00 / 09:42
Legends of Solotvyno 
A Conversation with Jason (Episodes 010 - 015)

A one-hour discussion of how philosophy, nature and humanity are changing as we live Through the Screen.

Part 1
00:00 / 11:24

The beginning of a chat with an EPA Master's student about our biggest questions

Part 2
00:00 / 12:56

What happens when the way we use our physical space changes.

Part 3
00:00 / 10:38

Who is responsible for success, and failure, of our biggest ideas?

Part 4
00:00 / 12:46

The shifting nature of right and wrong in times of crisis.

Part 5
00:00 / 11:33

Closing the conversation by coming full circle to climate change.



Connor McMullen

Den Haag, Netherlands

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