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I am always telling stories! Over the years, so stories have received special attention as I experiment with different forms of storytelling and different mediums. Here's a helpful guide to navigating this multi-year journey:


Interactive web stories. These interactive stories are often grand, sweeping experiences that include text, audio, and video. 


Oral stories. These don't translate so well to the online world, but they are important parts of my work!


Podcasts. These are only some of my favourite publicly-available podcasts I've produced over the years. 


Text-based. This doesn't always mean I wrote them, but usually that's the case. 


Video. I like to make artistic little short films.

DALL·E 2023-06-08 16.22.16 - an desert with a mystical Sylph swirling atop a great sand du

The Whispering Sands
An oral story I co-created with ChatGPT.

I had been trying to tell this story for ages, I first wrote a version on warm Bangalore afternoon, but was never quite satisfied with it. Then came ChatGPT. Together we crafted a beautiful version of a story about a girl discovering her own inner strength, passion for justice, and perhaps, the meaning of life. 

Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg

Finding Freedom - A Spark Narration Project
An interactive story with two centuries of from Surinamese history,
intermixed with sounds created from historical data.

This project was interrupted by a tough moment in my life, but the stories of these women were an amazing reprieve during otherwise dark days. Tirza, Iwan, and Tanya were also a great team to work with and learn from.


A fun little story and musical journey Rogier and I created using a storytelling game.

I've always wanted to work music and stories together, and this little collaboration with DJ Brodger was a blast! We told the story of space ship taunting blackholes, enduring foolhardy captains, and rusting away in a shipyard, dreaming of it's next mission.

Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 15.16.01.png

The Garden
Inspiring students with stories about the SDGs.

Paulina Vanderbilt and I teamed up to create The Garden, a hybrid digital & social workshop about storytelling and the Sustainable Development Goals. Recently she has 


Together We Can & The Story of the Snakes
Using AI-generated art to transform stories from the stage into a zine for World Storytelling Day.

The amazing thing about these two pieces is how little time they took to create! With AI we were able to draw almost as fast as the story was able to emerge. The story itself was a product of emergent storytelling, so the whole thing sort of just appeared out of thin air!


A play, story, and musical experience about a man searching for meaning in loss.

Together with Pleun van Vliet and a musician, we took the MythLab story one step further. We spent several weekends crafting a new story and integrating improvisational bass stylings of Hienke Wever into a three part short play


Same Same, But Different - DISC Radio Season Two
A podcast exploring what happens when six storytellers start telling a story together from scratch.

MythLab started as my own personal networking solution to the COVID-19 crisis. I brought together storytellers from around the Netherlands and beyond to an online space where we talked about the art, craft, science, and practicalities of storytelling. As time passed, the MythLab transformed into a space for exploring emergence and collaborative storytelling, which we explore in this podcast miniseries.


Becoming Atoq
An interactive art gallery, story, and human rights message.

I was very lucky to be able to work with such an amazing photographer and human. Atoq's story, told through text, audio, video, and nearly 100 photos documents music, politics, and protest in Peru. His journey takes us up mountains and deep within ourselves. Rous's beautiful drawings follow us throughout the story, reminding that even in the darkest time, there will again be light.


What Story Changed Your Life? - DISC Radio Season One
Asking six amazing people one question. 

Looking back, I can say some of these conversations changed my life! This simple question generated so many wonderful responses, and each is well worth a listen on their own. Together they paint a complex and interesting perspective on the challenges we face when searching for meaning.


An experimental futurist story about dangerous narratives.

My first interactive story inspired by the strange landscape of Zeeland. Also featuring my partner walking away from the camera, because she doesn't always like to be in pictures.


Stories at the Sea, Masks-19, and Through the Screen
A poetry + photography project,  a video poem, and a podcast documenting the pandemic.

We all need something to do during lockdown, so I did a few things. It started with a podcast and lots of conversations, but as summer drug on the connections dipped and I started writing poetry. Things finally open up and a video story emerged.


Gaca: A Voice for the Voiceless & Madi: A Voice for Change
Two profiles of human rights defenders for Justice & Peace

These two human rights defenders graciously shared their time and their stories with me. Even after several years, I still follow Madi's work in The Gambia closely. These men inspired me to take a closer look at the stories I was telling.


The Voice of Solotvyno
A documentary for TU Delft about a community on the brink of a sinkhole in Ukraine.

Right before the pandemic and the war, I was lucky enough to travel to a city in western Ukraine and help tell their story. One of scars that run deep below the surface of the land, how they create fractures in the communities that live above them, and how asking people questions can begin to wake them up. 


Axis Mundi
A poem and photo essay a few months before everything changed forever.

It started just like any other day to the beach, but something happened when I stepped out of the door. A story emerged, one that is the last of an era, and also sometimes shockingly prescient about the future to come.

Curriculum Vitale

Made mistakes.

Learned from them.

Plan to continue doing both.

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