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Creating constructive conversation through storytelling.

Stories are uniquely human. Only we can share in the unique transportative experience of telling a story, or being swept up in one. The implications of this extend into every aspect of life. The stories we tell form, in part, the very foundation of our shared existence. These stories that contribute to this world-building we call myths.

The thing is, when we first tell myths, they are true. It is only in looking back that we see absurdity. 

It is from this mythological perspective that I approach science communication. I want my work to engage with people in deeply emotional ways, and I want it to compel them to think. The worlds of policy, technology and management, provide an expansive platte with which we can paint a new mythology.

The aim of these myths is inspire a sense of awe and beauty, to teach about how our world works, and serve as guides for actions and decisions. We, as scientists, researchers and activists have already seen this in our own work. I want to help you show it to the rest of the world.

This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.​

-- --

Alan Watts



Make it complex. Keep it simple.

A good story is rarely on the surface. Instead, we usually have to dive deep into a subject, where the complexities emerge.

To get there, I apply a multi-actor systemic analysis untangling the complex web of interactions, actors and intentions that will provide structure for the story we want to tell. This discovery process is largely explorative, a step that can be frustrating and appear fruitless. Trust, and play, are essential at this stage in the journey. Play puts us in the right mind to find stories. Trust in each other, and the process, helps keeps perspective on our assumptions.

The story itself, created from these exploratory investigations, still needs shaping into the final form. This is a crafting process, one that oscillates between painfully slow and blindingly fast. It is here where the line between art and science become fluid. Many choices can be driven by research, but just as many rely on intuition. Every story can be beautiful. To tell them is a privilege, and a responsibility. 

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The poet, the artist, the creative thinker and feeler. Is the one who experiences meanings in depth and seeks to render them through images that will communicate them to another. Now, there is great difficulty here, because it is impossible to communicate an experience to someone who has not had this experience. 

-- --

Joseph Campbell


I don't do reports. At least, not traditional ones. I shape the information in unique ways that minimize time and maximize impact. 

I am primarily a writer. While I often masquerade as a film maker, graphic designer and architect, my best work remains in the written word or on the tip of the tongue.

I have some examples of my recent work in my repository, if you have questions or would like to see more, please let me know!

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