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Hello there

It's how we will zoom-in & zoom-out.
On this site,
scrolling is
We start with stories,
and we try to
make every story matter 
in every visual.
Interactive the graphics are.
Learn with this example you will.
Beware of bias. In the data, and within yourself.

Ask the data hard questions, and don't succumb to the dark side of false correlation.
welcome to latest in analysis of


You are about to step into a new way of thinking. It will be disorienting at first, and there are now only* 255 stories in the analysis. 

There are more than 50 graphs on the next page. Even for me, it is a lot. But that's also sort of the point. Wander, wonder, and see what patterns you can find. 

*We have about 97 more stories to add via the bulk upload. 

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