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This project was sponsored by Tandem Europe, in an effort to bring together engineering and social science students together on an exploration of storytelling and sustainability. 

This gap was compounded by the international make-up of the team: with six participants, there were four native languages. 

For this summer project, I created three individual works directly related to the course, as well as the group art project we completed at the Welcome to the Village Festival. 



This is a short story that I wrote as the first part of this project. The assignment was to write about sustainability issues from the animal's perspective. Inspired by Matthew Neil Null's work, I set this story of struggle through the eyes of an old mule deer in Western Kansas.

Through the maze wall.
The first layouts of the pattern.
Yosi hard at work.
Center of the Maze Looking Up

DORP 2018

The Maze

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Circular Storytelling Recap

This is a generic version of the project video that I created as part of the project follow-up. Here the assignment was to use the sights and sounds captured over the three weeks to create a small story about the experience.

These Questions

While making the above video, I spent many hours thinking about my experiences at the festival, and the meaning of the word sustainability. During the editing process, a very different movie began to emerge from the same set of video clips. What results is I think a much more interesting film, though not necessarily what anyone was expecting, including myself.

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