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Mythology, from the Greek muthos, a story that prescribes meaning.

Policy, from the Greek polis, a city-state. Now "a principle of action proposed by an organization."

Stories from science transforming society.

What if our myths were real? What if they weren’t just bedtime stories or simple moral lessons we tell to children? What would happen if we wrote new myths? Ones that weave science, society and emotion into communication tools that could help change the world.

Policy mythology is just that. Myths created from modern science. Just like the myths of the past, these stories are to capture the audience and pull them into a world where they are safe to learn and explore. The lessons learned there wouldn't be far off from those we see in the ancient stories, but they would in context and style that is palatable to a modern audience.

This is what I do. I look at science, policy and analysis and try to find the story that best carries the message this knowledge contains. By building this message, and the form that contains it in a conscious manner, we can apply the best practices of mythology along with the latest in communication and cognitive science to create new ways of telling our stories of science. These stories can help to form a new basis for the mythology of the 21st century, and beyond.

If you'd like to learn more, talk about policy mythology or, best of all, tell a story together, let's get in touch! 

The philosophy of my work.

A place where past projects are stored.


Identifying Audience, Plot & Message

Some of my work starts at the beginning, where I apply my experience as a storyteller in a broad way, working with you to identify audiences, plots, messages, themes and forms that can be used to share your stories. Outputs here are big-picture ideas and specific elements that set up the creators to tell interesting stories. 

I don't like traditional "consulting reports" and will do my best to make sure my work never looks like that!


Crafting Stories, Games & Art

Sometimes, the idea is already there, it just needs a final form! This is where my storytelling gets specific, writing stories (fiction and non-fiction), films, creating visualisations, art, games or experiences to help communicate that key message to a specific audience. 

Collaboration is hard, but worth it. If you know someone, let's all work together!


Teaching Writing, Speaking & Storytelling

I'd enjoy making a story for you, but I'd love to help show you how to do it yourself too! Keep an eye out for one of my upcoming workshops in The Hague, and please get in touch if you have an idea for what you want to learn, in public or at your organisation!

Probably my favorite part of my work!


(or a beer)

I'm currently open for new projects, assignments or collaborations.

I'm always open for new ideas, perspectives, or conversations.


I'm based in the Netherlands but I love life on the road. The further off the beaten path, the better. So, if you've got a tip for me that takes me to the edge of the world, I'm all ears! If you're just around the corner, even better. I'd love to go out and have a chat about the stories we could tell together. 


Connor McMullen

Den Haag, Netherlands

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