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That's a small word with a lot of meaning behind it. 

Working with Principles

We all like to think we have principles. So why not write them down? Of course, it's not that simple. That's why I've spent the last year studying and practising the process of principle induction. Through a series of long conversations, we together draw principles from the stories we tell ourselves.

Thinking in Systems

I didn't come straight to the world of policy and storytelling. I wound my way through the world as an engineer for a spell. The systemic approach to thinking influences everything I do, something only strengthened during my time at TU Delft. Now I add systems approaches and technology to how we tell the stories that make up our policies.

Monitor, Evaluation, & Learning

Stories are an incredible tool for monitoring, evaluation, and learning. They grow everywhere around us, in every office, project, and program there are dozens of stories being told at every moment. But we don't always know how to find them, or what to do with them if we manage to harvet a few. The past year I have been diving into story-based monitoring and evaluation. We are developing methodologies, principles, and tools for MEL practices for Corporate Social Responsiblity.

Let's Talk Policy

I'm currently open to discussing new projects! 

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