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That's a small word with a lot of meaning behind it. 

Shared Emotional Experiences 

Stories are alive. Each time we tell a story (which is all the time btw) we create a special type of connection with our audience. At that moment we are sharing in one experience, each from our own perspective, but also from the perspective of one storyteller. This momentary duality creates a powerful opportunity for emotional connection. It is from these bones that we build up our stories. 

Style As Function

Every choice in our story is intentional. When we intentionally make a story beautiful, we give it the energy required to get where it needs to go. This is also an opportunity to add depth to a story, hiding deeper meaning in the details. When we think about form we can create beautiful stories that blend style and function harmoniously.

Stories For Change

Perspective matters. Those we choose to present, and those we leave out all play a role in how our story fits in with the grand narratives. I want to tell stories that make a difference, that highlight new perspectives or engage the audience in critical thought. Good stories don't provide us answers, they give us the questions we don't want to ask ourselves.

Let's Talk Mythology

I'm currently open to discussing new stories! 

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